Network Services

How well is your IT system performing? Is it time for maintenance, upgrade or replacement? Express Computer Service can assist you with these decisions. We have the ability to asses your IT system and recomend the best course of action to achieve a competitive edge at affordable prices.

  • Servers, SBS Server and Business Networks
  • Virtual Infastructure
  • Network installation
  • Network management
  • Network monitoring
  • Network design and cabling
  • Wireless networks – local and long range
  • Cloud computing, Phone systems
  • Supplemental IT department assistance

Tech Expertise and Support

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Data Backup, Security, and Disaster Recovery

We have a plan to minimize downtime if your data is lost? When data is your most valuable asset, you can’t afford to ignore it. We’ll keep your data safe, backed up and off-site.

Forget viruses – Today’s malware comes in all shapes and sizes

Hackers use phishing techniques and keyloggers to get your most valuable passwords and empty your bank- or PayPal-accounts invisibly within seconds.Potentially Unwanted Programs that mess up your computer with useless browser toolbars, tons of commercials and other bulk that slows down the PC.
We Keep your Systems Safe!