Express Computer Warranty
Product & Labor Warranty Information

Limited 1 Year Parts / 1 year Labor Warranty

All Express Computer Service Computer Systems carry a 1-year product 1-year labor warranty from the original invoice date with the exception of monitors. Monitors are not covered under the 1 year parts and labor warranty. All monitors carry a 30 day warranty from invoice date. Labor charges related to hardware or software failure will be covered under the Express Computer Service 1 year product / labor warranty as Follows: For Complete Warranty details please ask for a full copy from your tech or visit

Express Computer Service Computer System Warranty seals must remain intact if present. Any item with broken warranty seals or any Express Computer Service computer system which has been admittedly tampered with in any way by persons other then Express Computer Service Authorized Service Technicians will not be honored under the 1 year parts and 1 year labor warranty and shall be assessed current labor rates for all services rendered. Express Computer Service does not authorize in any way the use of technicians other than those appointed by Express Computer Service. Use of such technicians shall VOID remainder of parts and labor warranties.

Express Computer Service Warranties all Express Computer Service Systems to be free from defects and workmanship for the duration. And workmanship for the duration of the Express Computer Service 1 Year Warranty. Should such a defect arise, computer system components shall be covered for the period as follows.

1 YEAR COMPONENT WARRANTY : Under the 1 year component warranty computer system components shall be warranted as follows. Computer System Components shall be warranted for the period of 1 year from the original invoiced date unless specified otherwise by Express Computer Service. Any Express Computer Service Component found to be defective shall be replaced within 1 year of original invoice date. Express Computer Service shall warranty products which carry extended warranty for the period of 1 year. Remainder of such warranties shall be covered by original manufacture only. OEM central processing units carry a 15 Day warranty from invoice date of purchase. Monitors carry a 30 Day warranty from the invoice date. Defective products shall be replaced with like item only and at discretion of Express Computer Service.

RETURNS: All returns must be authorized by ECS within 30 days of the invoice date. Within thirty (30) days of purchase, we will replace or repair, at our sole discretion, any product that is deemed defective. After 30 days, the manufacturer’s warranty process must be followed.
Due to restrictions placed upon us by the manufacturers, computers and printers are returnable in the first 30 days for repair only. Computers, printers, LCD projectors, and Quark products are not returnable for credit or exchange.
All non-defective returns authorized by ECS are subject to a 15% restocking fee and must be completed within 30 days of invoice. All labor fees for building, diagnostics and installation of PC’s, Laptops, Printers, Networks is non refundable.
CPU’s, Motherboards, Memory are non returnable they may be exchanged for exact replacement items due to failure.

1 YEAR LABOR WARRANTY: Under the 1 year labor warranty, Labor charges shall be warranted as follows. Any computer system requiring warranty component replacement shall have services rendered free of charge for the period of one year. Labor warranty applies to Express Computer Services only. (Applies to in store or onsite warranty at the discretion of Express Computer Service and only if all Express Computer Service warrantee guidelines have been met.)

Original invoice is required for all warranty service or defective product exchanges. This includes both parts and labor. No products shall be exchanged and no services shall be performed under warranty without original receipt of purchase.

All Express Computer Service computer systems are to be checked in for service regardless of diagnosis. Computer Systems are worked on in the order they are received, unless customer utilizes Express Computer Service priority or onsite services. (Additional Charges Apply)

Any component damaged due to user negligence or any part showing physical damage of any kind, will not be covered under express Computer Service parts or labor warranties.

Software related problems and issues are not covered under the Express Computer Service Labor Warranty. Any Express Computer Service computer system checked in for service which is diagnosed with software or configuration problems or issues shall be assessed current labor charges for services rendered on an hourly basis. Maintaining software, settings, and configuration is not the responsibility of Express Computer Service.

Computers accepted for diagnosis shall be assessed a diagnostic charge even if the customer does not request that the repairs be made. Customer will be responsible for estimated diagnosis charges. If customer refuses to pay said diagnosis charges within 2 weeks of diagnosis then Express Computer Service reserves the right to take possession of any and all components that were left for diagnosis. Express Computer Service also can not be held responsible for any data loss in the process of diagnosis or repairs. Customer is responsible for backing up all software and data or to make arrangements for Express Computer Service to backup said data.

Express Computer Service Does not warranty software compatibility or compatibility of hardware not authorized by Express Computer Service.

Express Computer Service Reserves the right to refuse service for any reason.


Express Computer Service
Billing and Finance Charges.


1. Billing Statements: If you are a business customer holding an account with Express Computer Service LLC or a customer under contract with us, we will send you a statement for each billing cycle (customarily once every 30 days) unless you have a zero balance due on your account at the end of a billing cycle. If you elect to make automatic credit card or electronic funds payments, you will not receive monthly statements. Statements will show: (1) payments, credits, purchases, and any other charges to your account, (2) the amount you owe us, and (3) the payment due date. Express Computer Service LLC reserves the right to require credit card or cash pre-payment for selected services.

2. Avoiding Additional Finance Charge and Late Fees: You can avoid a Finance Charge appearing on your next statement if (a) we receive your payment of the total balance due within 30 days of “Payment Due Date” shown on your current statement and (b) there is no purchase in the current billing period. If there is a purchase in the current billing period, a Finance Charge will appear on your next statement and payment of that Finance Charge can be avoided if you pay the total balance due by the “Payment Due Date” shown on that statement.

3. Payments: Payments must be made by check or money order payable to Express Computer Service LLC in U.S. dollars. We may, at our discretion, accept credit card and electronic funds transfer payments. Due to the subjective nature of creditworthiness, we reserve the right to require payment via cashier’s check, money order, or credit card, regardless of some objective credit rating or any past practice. The outstanding balance is due in full each month. No “payment in full” notation or other restrictive endorsement written on your payments will restrict our ability to collect all amounts owing to us.

4. Payments Not Received On Time: We may deactivate your Services if you do not pay your statements within 30 days of the date they were due or within the terms specified on contract.

5. Finance Charge Balance – Computation Method: We figure the Finance Charge on your Account each day by multiplying your daily balance by the applicable daily periodic rate of 1.5%. At the end of the billing period, we will add up the results of these daily calculations to get the total Finance Charge for the billing period. The daily balance will be determined on each day by first adding the following to the previous day’s balance: any purchases made on that day (unless, at our option, we post a purchase at a later date), fees charged that day, and the periodic rate of Finance Charge applied to the previous day’s balance, and then by subtracting any payments made and credits issued on that day. The “Average Daily Balance” shown on the front of this statement can be multiplied by the number of days in the billing period and the daily periodic rate applied to the product to determine the amount of the Finance Charge.

6. Minimum Finance Charge: A minimum FINANCE CHARGE of $25.00 is imposed in each billing period in which the Finance Charge resulting from application of the periodic rate would be less than $25.00.

7. Returned Payment Fee: If any bank or other financial institution refuses to honor any payment of yours, we may charge you a fee of up to $25.00. This fee is not an interest charge and it is reasonably related to the actual expense we incur due to unsatisfied payment.

8. Disputed Accuracy of Credit Report: If you believe that we have reported inaccurate information about you to a credit bureau, please contact us at Express Computer Service 5 Lake Carolina Ste 245 Columbia SC 29229. In doing so, please identify the inaccurate information and tell us why you believe it is incorrect. If you have a copy of the credit report that includes the inaccurate information, please send a copy of that report to us as well.

9. Collection Costs: You will pay us any costs we reasonably incur to collect amounts you owe us.

10. Consents Regarding Credit: In order to establish an account with us, you authorize us to inquire into your creditworthiness, by checking with credit reporting agencies. If you are delinquent in any payment to us, you also authorize us to report any late payment or nonpayment to credit reporting agencies.

11. Automated Credit Card Payments: Customers may opt to have payments automatically deducted from a credit card each billing cycle. If these automated transactions are declined two (2) times consecutively by our credit card processing company, the unpaid services being invoiced will be deactivated

12. Disputed Amounts: All communications concerning disputed amounts, including any check or other payment instrument in an amount less than the full amount due that you send to us marked “paid in full,” or which you otherwise tender as full satisfaction of a disputed amount, must be sent to us at the address for billing inquiries shown below in the section regarding your right to dispute billing errors under federal law.

13. Changes in Service Terms: Due to the evolving nature of our business, its competition, and the requirements and costs of suppliers, we must reserve the right to change our services and the terms on which we offer Service from time to time, as we believe appropriate, including our fees and charges. If we make any such changes, we will send you a notice describing them and their effective date, in the manner described in Section 5(a). You always have the right to cancel your Service, in whole or in part at any time, and you may do so if you do not accept any such changed terms or changes in Service. If you elect not to cancel your Service after receiving our notice of a change, your continued receipt of Service from us will constitute acceptance of the changed terms. If you notify us that you do not accept such terms, then we may cancel your Service as provided in Section 3, as we cannot offer Service to different customers on different terms.