How well is your old analog phone system performing? Is it time for maintenance, upgrade or replacement? Express Computer Service can assist you with these decisions. We have the ability to assess your phone systems and service recommend the best course of action to achieve a competitive edge at affordable prices.

VOIP phone service is the future in telecommunications, combine an advanced PBX system with as many VOIP lines as your company needs.

  • Small and medium VOIP business plans
  • Plans Starting at $39.99
  • Unlimited US & Canada
  • Unlimited concurrent calls
  • Keep Your Number
  • Choose Your Own Area Code
  • No Contracts

IP Phones on-prem and Cloud PBX Phone Systems

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Business Class on-prem IP Phone Systems

Our business-class on-prem IP-based PBX phone systems deliver a highly reliable voice solution with all the features of the most advance hosted solutions. These phone systems are highly expandable, reliable, and can be maintained at a lower cost than most hosted solutions. We can customize a solution for your office of 2 to an office 200. You will be surprised how affordable these systems can be. 

Cloud PBX Phone System

Cloud PBX hosted solutions are the future. You no longer have to be tied to a location. Easily move your IP phone from home to the office. Use an app on your mobile device when not at your desk phone. The cloud phone system offers all the advanced technology you are looking for in your phone system at an affordable price!